About Us

Veron Fitness Training Consultancy was incorporated in year 2003. We provide a wide variety of Group Exercise Programs, Personal Training Program, Health and Fitness Workshops, Instructor Training Programs and Corporate Wellness Programs to Companies and Fitness Clubs In Malaysia & Singapore. Our Clients are Include Medical Practitioners, Education, Wellness Service Providers and Non Profit Associations, Private and Government sectors.

We are also a Professional Training Center in Malaysia that is recognized by the Yoga University in Nasik, India. We are recently in associated with Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club Nusa Jaya for relevant Fitness Program and also in collaboration with Fitness Centers for relevant Fitness academy and workshop.


  • To design high quality health, fitness program and education.
  • To ensure that all health, fitness program and services meet the highest possible       standard of quality.
  •  To organize fitness events and workshops pertaining to fitness and schedules for fitness activities.
  • To train world class fitness professionals & continue to enhance positioning & reputation.
  • To keep abreast with updated information regarding fitness and health changes, as well as improving instructors’ skill and knowledge in order to achieve the required standard and beyond.


Veron Fitness was established upon the basic belief of enhancing the public awareness of health and fitness in our society. We are in the business of meeting the demands of the public by providing professional and affordable services to those who are serious about the making fitness a lifestyle.


To the extent we act accordingly to these values, we believe we will inspire the loyalty of our business partners, earn a sustainable partnership position in our business, attract and retain a highly talented and engaged workforce and provide superior return to our business partner.  This, in turn, will enable us to achieve our vision of becoming the most respected service brand.


Powered Today ! Empowered Tomorrow !


  • Year 2006 ~ W.S.F.F.M National Open Aerobic Challenge (Top 3)
  • Year 2005 ~ Malaysia I.O.I Aerobic Challenge (Top 3)
  • Year 2004 ~ W.S.F.F.M National Open Aerobic Challenge (Top 5)
  • Year 2004 ~ Johor I.O.I Aerobic Challenge (Championship)


Veron Fitness 培训咨询中心于2003年成立并提供各种各样的培训项目如个人健身培训计划,教练培训课程和健身讲座。同时也提供座若于马来西亚和新加玻各企业的员工健康与健身计划课程和讲座。我们的客户包括医疗领域,教育领域,各介企业,非盈利协会,私人领域和政府部门。目前也是印度于印度瑜伽大学认可的培训中心和Horizon Hill Golf & Country Club Nusa Jaya 授权的健身计划课程顾问。同时也协助各健身中心培育专业教练和提供有关课程和讲座。


  • 设计出高品质的健康,健身计划和教育。
  • 确保所有的健康,健身计划和服务符合质量的最高标准。
  • 组织健身活动,有关健身研讨会和健身活动时间表。
  • 培养专业教练和不断的增强口碑。
  • 更新有关于健身和健康的新信息,提高教练们的技能和知识,以达到合格标准。








  • 2006年〜W.S.F.F.M国家有氧健身操公开赛(季军)
  • 2005年〜马来西亚 I.O.I有氧健身操比赛(季军)
  • 2004年〜W.S.F.F.M国家有氧健身操公开赛(前五名)
  • 2005年〜马来西亚洲内 I.O.I有氧健身操比赛(冠军)